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about me, my experience and skills

While working as a shipping receiving clerk at a computer manufacturer I got my start working with computers. Shortly afterward I started learning photoshop and html using tutorials via the internet. Next was javascript, I was so excited figuring how to do a image rollover with multiple images, Before long I was building interactive website's.

Designing and building, learning new skills is something I do daily. I am located in The Bay Area, CA, USA. Even if you are not located in the Bay Area we can still work together. With todays technology it is easy to work with people all over the world. I can post examples to a website and then we can review designs and/or applications over the phone, e-mail or your favorite Instant Messaging program. Then after your approval I can start design, production, programming and delivery of your project.

Here is a brief overview of my skills and experience, please contact me if you would like my current resume.


I'm a web developer with more than 10 years of well rounded experience. My skills include Flash, ActionScript, Audio/Video, HTML/XHTML, CSS, LAMP Development, and Graphic Design. I also have experience with Content Management Systems and Blog Web 2.0 Applications, Wordpress, Drupal, SEO, and Internet Advertising. I have experience in multimedia production. From Editing, Recording, Encoding to Delivery of audio and video.


Applications - Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Premeire, Adobe Fireworks, Adobe Flash, Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Office, Open Office, Google Apps, Acid Pro, Media Cleaner, Cakewalk Pro Audio, Real Producer, Sound Forge, Sonar, Swift 3D, Vegas, Sorenson Squeeze, Adobe Media Encoder, KdenLive. Google Analytics, Awstats, Webalizer, WebTrends, Firebug.

Platforms - Mac OS/OSX, Windows XP/2K/NT/98/95, Unix, Linux, Ubuntu, Xubuntu, FreeBSD

Languages - ActionScript, AJAX, JavaScript, jQuery, YUI, HTML, XHTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, XML, SMIL, Perl/CGI Programming.

Other Skills – Design with ASP/JSP tags in designs and/or templates. Word Press and Drupal Development. SEO Optimization. Audio/Video editing and encoding, Streaming and Progressive Audio/Video.

Work Experience

6-1999 to Present
Jack Web Design, Fremont, CA - Independent Contractor

1-2007 to 11-2007
Innova Solutions, Santa Clara, CA - Senior Web Developer

3-2005 to 1-2007
EVEO, Inc. San Francisco, CA - Senior Web Developer

11-1999 to 3-2004
Organic, Inc. San Francisco, CA - Senior Content Engineer

6-1999 to 11-1999
Peoplesoft, Pleasanton, CA - Web Developer/Instructor


Guild.com, "Expando Banner" - AdTech Technical Achievement Award
The Home Depot "Do it Yourself" Flash Tutorials - AdTech Gold Award
AltaVista Broadband Promotion - Macromedia's shocked site of the day, March 2000

Online Marketing
Other Work